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June 16, 2003 The first night of dog training class with the electronic collars.  Striper's first experience wasn't too happy since it was discovered, by her leaping in the air reaction, that another unit triggered her collar at the same time as Ralph's.  Poor Striper!  This was quickly remedied and a subdued Striper finished the class and was very obedient (and glad to go home) where it's safe!

Dog Training

Adjusting Striper's "zapper" collar

Montgomery and Madison at the ready

Linda with her standard poodle

Dave with "Spinnaker", a Chesapeake

At the "free" command, it's a three dog circus -- so fast the picture is blurred

"Sit" (good doggie)


Down your dogs.

Explaining how to correct this situation

Turning around technique

The instructor uses Quigley, her year old black lab,  to demonstrate

Quigley is very obedient

Using the long lead, the instructor calls Quigley, who immediately responds

Quigley gets a treat

Now the class with their dogs on the long leads

Montgomery gives Ralph a body slam -- this is not the desired result.

Let's try that command  again...much better

Time for a treat

A dog handlers conference

The "come" command on the long lead

Striper obeys willingly -- doesn't want to take any chances on getting zapped again!

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